WIKE-UP!  is a new concept of Aquabiking !

At Pepitas and co we love this kind of funny and healty way to make exercices !

We found this new concept of aquabiking : WIKE-UP ! The main goal is to exercise in the water combining the incredible benefits of the water and the exercises. You don’t have to be a strong athlete to use WIKE-UP! Whether your goal is to do some daily healthy exercise, lose some weight, get in better shape, do some cardio or prepare to any competition (triathlon, biking race,….) .  WIKE-UP! is the best answer in the comfort of your own pool.

With the WIKE-UP! aqua bike you can improve your cardiovascular endurance, tones muscles, activate blood circulation, reduce fatigue. it’s a low impact exercise safest for injured users too. Whatever your objective is, WIKE-UP ! is the best and safest answer to achieve it.

WIKE-UP! Workout is fun, comfortable because you practice in the comfort of own pool challenging because you can do exercise at all levels, and very effective as shown by different clinical studies. The WIKE-UP! Aqua bike is for the entire family of any age and any levels.

If you are injured (knee, legs, cardiovascular restrictions) and you are unable to workout on land WIKE-UP! is the answer too. Many rehab center are using the benefit of aqua biking to improve the results.

So what are you waiting for to use it ? How to get it  and where to find it ?

You can Order your WIKE-UP ! aqua bike today to enjoy increased respiratory endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, power, speed, and reaction time. WIKE-UP! Maximum results with minimal effort !

 Or you can ask for a coaching session whenever you want in Punta Cana region. And you can also become your own boss and  start your business with WIKE-UP : you can become a local distributor and organize your own coaching session with your customers or sell directly the aquabikes. The company helps you to start your business (they provide you the aquabikes, advices, communication). An easy way to become your own boss wit less risks.

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