It comes as no surprise these days to hear that yoga is good for us. Over the last four or five decades countless studies have shown the benefits of yoga physically, mentally, emotionally. But why does it work? Why should moving the body in certain ways and breathing in certain ways have this profound effect on health and well being? 
Let’s compare the human being to a computer. We have the physical body itself, arms legs, skeleton and organs. In computer terms this is the nuts and bolts of the thing, the physical computer, the screen, the keyboard etc. Will either of these work at this point, the human or the computer? No, it is just inert. Then we have the brain and the nervous system; this would be the chips in the computer and the wiring connecting all the component parts. Do we have something that will work yet? No, it is just going to sit there. 
We need an energy input. For the human this would be the prana taken in through the breath and the food we eat. For the computer this is the electricity; no one expects their computer to work without plugging it into the electrical outlet and turning it on. Even so, still nothing would happen. What else is needed? The software. The computer can’t do anything without the software, the programming.
It is easy to jump to the conclusion that the brain in humans is the equivalent to the software in the computer. Not the case, the brain is the chips and all the convoluted inner hardware of the computer. the software is the mind. The mind runs the brain; the mind or consciousness expresses itself through the brain and nervous system primarily and then through all the other systems of the body.
 Just as a computer is only as good as its programming (software), so too are we humans. We can run lower or higher frequency through our circuits, the results will be quite different. What would be a superior software, or programming for us, that will allow us to increase our frequency holding capacity? One of those superior programs for the human is yoga, in my opinion. We have been running on inferior programs based on erroneous belief systems for a long time and the negative results are manifest all around us. When we practice yoga it is like upgrading our software to the next level, we will gradually increase our frequency holding capacity. This will enable us to experience a much smoother ride, mentally. emotionally and physically. Even better, all we need is a body and mind, no special skills or talents required. Do the yoga, enjoy the results in health and happiness.