The principle is very simple: it consists in purifying its organism by eliminating the toxins that accumulate inside. Theoreticall, the bodies eliminate this waste itself but it is possible that at a certain level the accumulation is too large … It is possible to make detox cures in a week as in a month. The detox is basically used to purify the body, but many use this tools as a diet to lose weight, and sometimes exceed the limits …

So, What should we eliminate?

Detox is used to eliminate toxins which can come from numerous different sources, whether internal to our body or external to it. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle may cause this type of problem; Alcohol, tobacco, stress, lack of sport or still the way of feeding can be an important sources for the generation of toxins. Various symptoms can then make aware that it is time to act; Constant fatigue, anxiety, difficulties in falling asleep, or even dull skin or greasy hair are so many elements providing that there is a problem.

The various regimes detox

First, there is the mono diet; It consists in ingesting only one type of food for one, two or three days (not more!) In order to allow a better digestion. This program is not easy psychologically and the risks of deficiencies are likely. The best is to detoxify on a  daily basis, in a soft way. Simply change your diet slowly: decrease meat, increase the quantity of vegetables and fruits and try to avoid gluten and dairy products. It is therefore not necessary to deprive yourself but to enjoy in a healthy way. The best is also to increase the physical activity while enjoying well-rounded nights.

Is detox really a solution?

Some specialists assure that depriving themselves of certain nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body is not a solution … Moreover, the lack of these nutrients will rather favor the creation of toxins instead of eliminating them ! Indeed, the risk of being deficient in certain proteins or lipids is certainly not to be neglected. According to them, therefore, it is not a few days of fasting which will make it possible to rid the organism of all its waste. According to some professionals, it is therefore best to avoid sources of toxin and to live directly in a healthier way.

To conclude,

we can consider that the detox can be a solution to purify the body, but you should  not to be abused, the purpose is not to be suffered but to be well in its skin … The ideal is therefore to have fun while eating healthily; To find a balance between junk food and the fact of not being able to eat any more. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is ideal. Indeed, try to sleep enough and to do sports, it will already help you to feel better! The detox cure, used in a exaggeratedly, can have a negative effect on the body, so be careful and continue to enjoy life!

In all cases, at Pepitas And Co, we systematically recommend  you to ask the advice of your doctor before trying a new diet because each person is a particular case. There is no rule, human being is not a machine !