Treat Yourself Gently with Natural Products !


When it comes to body care and pampering as part of my morning and evening rituals, soaps and lotions are the basics.  And, I don’t take it lightly. In my quest for the perfect body soap (natural, no chemicals, accessible and delicious), I found Soapylicious, a local and craft product line for the skin.  So, as an avid but responsible user of body products, I find important to know where and how products are made.

The heart and brain of the brand – María Elena Quintero – a Panamanian artist, jeweler, empiric horticulturist and amazing cook, tells us:  “The idea began with the need for soaps suitable for sensitive skin but with pleasant essences and other beneficial properties for the skin. So I decided to gather the necessary ingredients and started testing … little by little I was learning, improving and expanding the range of Soapylicious products”.

They include soaps, scrubs, crèmes and lotions. Aimed at anyone who wants a smooth and natural body care, away from commercial products, which often contain chemicals that dry, irritate and have other side effects on the skin.

All Soapylicious products contain organic coconut oil, and for exfoliating local coffee, oatmeal and organic sugar.

Besides the body care line and assessment, Soapylicious offers gift baskets, flower arrangements and miniature giveaways for weddings, baby showers and other special celebrations. Products are made to order and delivered. You can make yours at and follow them of Facebook and Instagram.

Over the last ten years, I used to buy all types of prescribed skin care products believing that the latest and more expensive “technology” would be the most beneficial for my health. I’m glad to say I overcame that pricey reliance and figured out by myself that in fact skin health has all to do with the food we eat, the lifestyle we have, and the natural care we provide. Handmade, homemade and craft products are definitely the best option.

Photo credit Ana Maria  Chanis Young