The discipline of Yoga has shaped my life towards balance and mental, physical and emotional health. I have seen the benefits of practicing on a constant basis since I was 18 years old.

In my teachings and my practice I share what I know from my own experiences and understanding of this philosophy or lifestyle. I use breath to become conscious and to nourish and clean myself from negative impressions that are kept inside my body.

I am continuously studying to deepen my knowledge while at the same time I am also teaching to continue to spread this ancient knowledge that is open and beneficial for everybody.  

I am also a designer. You can find some examples of my work :

Piece created for the collective exhibition NI+NI- about gender equality.
Santiago, Dominican Republic 2016.

Graphic design for the events hosted in “Dominican Week in the UK”
celebrated each year by the Dominican Embassy in London. November 2014, London UK.


Poster created for the concert of Eddy Núñez and Humbberto y las Poesías at Tierra Plana Hostal. Santo Domingo April 2016.

photos credits : Rosángela Acosta Bichara