A new phenomenon of Street Art For the Caribbean ?

A new form of street art is born without degrading the environment ! An ephemeral phenomenon within the reach of all ! They make rainworks to give people a reason to look forward to rainy days! It’s going to rain anyway. Why not do something fun with it?

How do rainworks… work?

Concrete darkens when it gets wet. A superhydrophobic coating keeps surfaces from getting wet. By spraying the superhydrophobic coating through a stencil onto concrete, you create areas that will repel all water. The next time the surface gets wet, everything darkens except for where we sprayed, and the contrast between light (dry) concrete and dark (wet) concrete creates the image. Whenever it’s dry, the rainwork will be completely invisible. Rainworks can be made on any surface that darkens when wet, including concrete, wood, stone, and some fabrics.

Are rainworks bad for the environment ?

Heavens no! Once dry, rainworks are completely non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable. The solvent in Invisible Spray means you should not pour it down the drain, but when used as instructed, its solvent evaporates and does not enter the water system.

How long do rainworks last?

On average, a rainwork lasts 2 to 4 months. They have had them last up to a year under the right conditions. The longevity of a rainwork depends on the type of concrete, amount of foot traffic, cleanliness of surface during installation, etc. A rainwork is the most vivid during its first couple of weeks, then slowly becomes more subtle.

Do rainworks make the sidewalk more slippery ?

No, rainworks retain the same texture as the surface they are installed on.

Are rainworks legal ?

Ask to the major of your city ! Uselly rainworks are legal on public sidewalks because they are temporary, don’t harm the property, and it doesn’t use them to advertise anything. Basically, rainworks are classified the same way chalk art is. Check with your local government before making rainworks in your city.

Want to start your creation ? want to try ? Is that the new way of street art in the Caribbean ? Show us your creations ! send us some pictures and we will publish them ! 

If you want to buy some bottles  go there : http://rain.works/ they ship all over the world

At Pepitas and Co we love this kind of innovation  for a better world, yes ! a new fascinating world !


photos and video credits : Rainworks