You thought you knew everything about preparing a grill or a dessert?

This is a magnificent Pepitas.

An animated film directed by Skullmapping. Skullmapping is an artistic collective founded in 2010 by Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. Filip is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist, and Antoon is a fine arts painter who runs his own gallery. As Skullmapping they create projection mapping projects, VR experiences and holograms. Their passion is to develop stories and present them in a new way, in order to surprise the audience. As a pair with similar goals in art and story-telling, they love to experiment with the latest technology, and push beyond what has been done before.

Here, Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck had the ingenious idea to project a small film on the dinner table while waiting for the preparation of a grilled rib steak. Thanks to the video-projection process, we discover a small chef running on the tablecloth to meet our plates … a bluffing animation that we would like to discover in all of us restaurants. Happy reading this fun video that really does good!

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