Diabetes has become a problem due to a lack of education and the lifestyle that has been predominant over the past decades, especially in urban cities. If we want to defeat diabetes we need to lower the number of new diagnoses. We can do this by making it everyone’s problem. We need to reach more and more people with a well-organized proposal focused on education and support. Health and nutritional education programs designed for companies are an opportunity to make people/workers aware of a real and potential health problem, aiming to improve their present and future health. These programs combine talks, basic medical screening (weigh, body composition, blood test, physical activity, healthy habits), and other activities (games/competitions, cooking workshops, a taste of indoor sports).

Our main goal is to break, with education, the misconception that makes Diabetes a taboo for many people, and to make people understand that type 2 Diabetes, in many cases, is a noble disease, because it gives you the opportunity to stop the progression, by acting in the earlier stages. The more we all know about Diabetes, longer, healthier and happier we will live.

NutriYOU wants to become part of something bigger, helping, collaborating with institutions, with similar and related projects, to become an ambassador, a channel of communication of a worldwide well defined initiative and community. 

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