If I had to condense myself into a few words, it would be that “I am an entrepreneurial artist with a passion for communication, creativity and embracing challenges.”

Music has been my constant thread throughout my life. In 1983 I moved from Boston to NYC to record my first album with Dave McKenna and Don Thompson and continued my passion for performing and recording over the next 25 years, singing throughout the United States and Canada. During that time I also created fashion accessories that sold on QVC and to stores in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In 2010, my husband, Nino, and I decided to make a change to simplify our lives when we visited Punta Cana.  We had been to the DR’s north shore in Cabarete many times but for us, Punta Cana had much more to offer.  It was quite a change from NYC! – but one that we embraced whole heartedly.  We thought we wanted to slow down and take it easy… BUT we started making organic tropical liquors for our own enjoyment and somehow, ha ha! — it has grown into a nice business called Nino’s Liquors- Heaven in a Bottle!.  We have a little shop and laboratory

where people come in to taste and purchase and we sell to many resorts, local resturants and at the Punta Cana Airport.  It’s been quite a surprise!

Also, since 2010, I have taken up photography with this tropical paradise as my inspiration.  This has become a business as well, called EYE Want Photography.  I work with private clients and interior decorators in the Punta Cana area.   It’s a nice life!

As cliché as it sounds, be curious, fearless, do your homework and life will reward you!  My mother always taught me “where there’s a will, there’s a way”!

“To consume with moderation at legal age /  PACO”

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Text and photos credit : Maria Postell

Video credit Wendely @portaldewendely