For a long time people have been talking about wellness and what it means to them.  This discussion has made me wonder and a few questions have popped into my mind: do they really know what wellness means? Do they really know what it takes to live in wellness?

Living in a wellness zone is a combination of many aspects of life. Many of us eat healthy, while others have good relationships, enjoy their careers, are spiritually strong or exercise daily.   However, I believe that all of us are missing at least one of these aspects and we actually need to have a balance of each to be able to achieve a life of wellness.

“Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort” This is what we need to understand.  Wellness is something we need to achieve for our whole. Understanding this, will lead us to the kind of life that will complete us.

We have to start by changing our way of thinking.  Being open to the new things we will have to incorporate into our day-to-day lives and by allowing our minds and our choices to change, we will be able to experience wonderful results.

We have to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves with love. This means doing everything that will nourish our minds and bodies. I can give you a few recommendations, but it will be up to you to follow through and ensure that this works. Understand that this is a process and an opportunity for learning and growth.

To-Do List

  •  Get some exercise every day
  •  Get outdoors. Spend more time outside, enjoying nature and breathing fresh air
  •  Sleep 8 hours every night, making sure to get to bed early (by 10:00PM) to ensure your beauty sleep
  •  Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  •  Strengthen your relationships with family and friends. Spend more time with the people in your lives talking  about what’s new and good and what is not so good, as well.
  •  Find ways to eliminate, or at least cut down, the everyday stress.
  •  Eat healthy, whole foods, at least once a day. Eat real food that is colorful and beautiful.

 That’s what I recommend. Try not to overthink it or obsess over it. This is supposed to be fun and relaxing.  The main thing to remember is why we’re doing this – to achieve a life of wellness.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible” St. Francis of Assisi

Let’s do this. We can!