What an intiative !  

“When you drink beers you have ideas. So when we heard that two thirds of the world’s beaches were retreating, we cracked a couple of DB Exports and thought of a plan. To help save New Zealand’s beaches we’re turning empty bottles of DB Export into a sand substitute. That’s right, the answer to the global sand shortage could be drinking beer! DB Export Beer Bottle Sand will be given to construction companies and anyone else who needs it, reducing the dependence on beach-derived sand.

Like with our world-first innovation Brewtroleum, over the coming months, we’ll be calling on you to help us empty bottles of DB Export that we can then crush into sand. Watch the film below for more information!”

Do you think that it could be a new solution for the Caribbean ? Share and comment !

But at Pepitas and Co, we think that you don’t have to abuse to drink beers even if it is to save beach sand !

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