We love to highlight the commitments and actions of some NGO for a better world. And our future is inside the hands of our children. So we have to take care about them !

In Dominican Republic  “Save the Children” ensures that families achieve better nutrition through various activities aimed at improving food production. In recent years we have worked extensively in the implementation of school, home and community gardens for the production of fruits and vegetables. Water is a basic component of development and its impact on children is significant and long term. Through the provision of potable water, Save the Children promotes health and hygiene, and encourages crop planting, cultivation and animal breeding. Save the Children strives to improve access to, the quality of, and community awareness of the importance of education, as well as promoting child protection and strengthening community participation in basic quality education. We also work on improving the conditions of safe learning environments that also provide students with necessary school supplies and recreational facilities.

Save the Children is implementing the Batey Community Development Project which is an integrated development project with the goal of improving the lives of public Batey residents through community based activities in health and nutrition, education, infrastructure improvement and emergency preparedness. Health and nutrition strategies will improve access to high quality community-based health services in child health and nutrition; reproductive health knowledge; access to clean water and adequate sanitation infrastructure; knowledge of HIV/AIDS and STIs; and hygiene.

In Mexico, With a population of more than 122 million people, it  is the second largest country in Latin America. Just over 35% of the population is under the age of 18. While Mexico has made significant strides to improve the situation of children, national data masks significant differences, especially for very vulnerable children. Since 1973, Save the Children has served children in 16 of Mexico’s 31 states and the Federal District through programs in education, health and hygiene, nutrition, violence prevention, eradication of child labor and exploitation, environmental education and rapid response in emergencies.

In Haiti, an estimated 25 percent of the country has been affected by Hurricane Matthew. Some 300 to 800 people have been killed, and 29,000 homes, schools and other structures were damaged or destroyed. The health, education and protection needs are massive, with an estimated 750,000 people requiring urgent assistance. We are especially concerned for vulnerable children, including some 2,000 little ones separated from their families, children at risk of deadly cholera, and up to 130,000 children out of school.

Save the Children’s work in Haiti spans more than 40 years. To date in this crisis, we have deployed emergency responders, as well as our Emergency Health Unit, staffed by doctors and health experts from around the world. We are focused on delivering food, hygiene kits and other urgently needed supplies, suppressing any cholera outbreak, protecting vulnerable children, and continued needs assessment to meet immediate needs, restore education and more. This past week, we deployed an Emergency Response Team and our Emergency Health Unit, staffed by doctors and health experts from around the world focusing on:

  • Cholera prevention and basic health services.
  • Setting up “child-friendly spaces” to provide children unable to go to school with a safe and protected space supported by trained staff, while their parents deal with the aftermath of the storm.
  • Stockpiling non-food items including hygiene kits, baby items, household kits, mosquito nets and jerry cans, which will be used in coming days.

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