There are festive places on the planet that must have attended at least once in his life. If you are traveling through Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Punta Cana, Block a date in your diaries.

At PACO we are curious about discoveries. We were tempted by a new experience. As soon as you arrive in front of the establishment, you are put in the mood: trendy music, dancers with incredible swaying, mythical and legendary singers displayed on the walls. And a  warm welcome from our host Laura in Punta Cana.

Once entered the den, it left for four hours of an incredible show. Because despite the base line “disco” we are far, very far from a classical night club.  Everything is a show : 

The scenes are linked at a high rhythm, passing by the Beatles, Queen, Mickael Jackson, and many others. The dancers-actors imitate our icons perfectly on giant screens  on the stage  as incorporated in the videos clips.

The aerial ballets offered by accomplished athletes are worthy of the world’s greatest circuses.

The intelligence of the show is undoubtedly the interactivity with the spectators. Because everyone came to have fun: then everyone danced, on the stage during the show,  on the bar, play with balloons, get caught in photos with the unlikely Marvel characters and have amazing fun.

For the most tempestuous mini scenes are made available between each scene to sway in rhythm in front of the cameras and under the eyes of everyone. An incredible festive frenzy. We ask for more of it!

We have only one word. If you pass in one of its cities, go for it! Even if you are not a fan of nightclubs, the Coco BONGO will leave you with an incredible experience as everything is a show there.  One of the best experience that we had !


Photos and videos credits  CocoBongo with courtesy