¿What’s New and Good? It’s Boxing Yoga !

Think about the last time you did something for the first time, explored new territories or went out of your comfort zone to try new things, options and opportunities. We certainly tend to stick around what’s familiar and because of limiting believes we park our dreams and plans in the world of ideas and procrastinate our actions waiting for the perfect moment or to be ready. The truth is, time keeps ticking out, we are never “ready” and “perfect” doesn’t exist.


As some of you have read, my yoga journey started almost a decade ago and teaching became my full time job last year. Best decision ever! I enjoy with my heart and soul every time I go into my practice, teach, learn and share with others. What I find also fascinating is to question tradition, perceptions and misconceptions about Yoga.

So, as I was exploring outside of my radar I came across Boxing Yoga. First reaction; “hmmm…what the hell is that? Isn’t boxing and yoga kind of contradictory?” Sure, I knew nothing about it, but it caught my attention though. So I did some research, started practicing at home and it all added up when I took boxing as a cross training for my yoga practice. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed watching the sport, but never thought about learning more or even training. See, I’m a very nervous person, and yoga keeps me at ease. Curiously, so does boxing as I keep training.

In my short 3 months boxing experience, I, a yogi learning to box, understand that boxers are no regular athletes; they are THE athletes, which I respect and admire. They don’t just stand there, moving around, throwing punches with tough faces and all the show. When you box, you have to be in absolute control of your mind, breath, energy and emotions. Who can do that? Well, it’s what we are looking for in yoga, and boxing already has it. If you blink you get hit. If you wander you get knocked out. You truly honor the present moment and that gives you mental strength, which is way more powerful than physical strength.

There are many yoga styles and for sure more to come. But no matter what style you teach or practice, yoga is a personal practice and there is only one, the one YOU make out of it.

So, Boxing Yoga is not contradictory. Is a new yoga style for sports specific, challenging both mind and body, in which I have found an opportunity to expand as a yoga teacher and a fantastic routine for anyone willing to push themselves to their limits and discover a whole world of possibilities.

Photos credits : Ana Maria Chanis Young