Hola! My name is Ana Maria Chanis and I have an intense ENTHUSIASM for sharing my Yoga journey and health coaching experience with anyone that just like me, are looking for a health transformation, and entrepreneur on how to be their own Gurus (and prove it)!

How did this become my life?

My path in the practice of Yoga began in 2008. I had the special honor to train for many years with local Ashtanga Yoga pioneers and international teachers in workshops, retreats and daily sessions. As my practice became regular, I felt a powerful call to go deeper.  I wanted to know all about Yoga! So, In 2014 I got certified as a Yoga Instructor, a life changing turn. I knew my path was to work with people as a guide towards self-discovery, finding balance and healthy living.

 “I trust the universe to bring the right people and circumstances into my life at the right time.”

During that same period, I developed a successful career working as an Executive Director in a prestigious Hotel & Residential Tower in Panama City.  It was an exceptional experience, but despite the success, I knew I needed to transcend. It was a time of personal growth and self-acknowledgement that triggered my desire to pursue my true path.

Being a long-term yoga practitioner is a powerful resilience tool for life. It also contributes to my well being on a daily basis, becoming a lifestyle that encouraged me to keep diving deeper.

In 2016, after an internal struggle with my fears and priorities, I took couragious action and became self-employed. I created Cosmic Hive Yoga and landed in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program from New York.

Today, my husband tells me with eyes wide open shacking his head “I see a spark of old days in you, I just dont know what it is”, then a smile on his face.

I was born and raised in Panama, in a family of passionate doctors and teachers. My grandmother, a nurse, was also a Yogi. She is always telling me: “thanks to Yoga I can still move well at my 80’s”.  Care and health has always been around, its in my blood.

I also resonate with good music, healthy cooking, gardening, nature, animals, traveling and adventure. I have an attraction to art and world cultures and I’m a natural born rebel. If you resonate too, you will feel right at home here.

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