Consume some juice of celery and Grapefruit !

The celery and the grapefruit certainly belong to the groups of natural foods which reduce the accumulation of arterial deposits. At the same time, they allow to strenghten and to maintain  the elasticity of the arteries.

So, some of the benefits of these two healthy foods are:

– Help to regulate the level of cholesterol and the acidity of blood,

– Reduce the fever,

– Help diabetics to regulate the level of  sugar in the blood,

– Improve the quality of the sleep,

– Lower sugar, thus boosting weight loss !

Very Important: If you take medicines, you DO NOT  consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice because it can interfere with the metabolism of medications. Ask to your doctor.

 Our simple Recipe:

– some stalks of celery

-1 fresh grapefruit

– ¼ lemon

-Inch of Ginger (optional)

Put all the ingredients in the blender. Mix them,  well , here your healthy beverage is ready ! Very simply ! Drinking this cocktail every day can be benefit for you. You can analyse every day your  progress and choose to continue or not.

In all cases, at Pepitas And Co, we systematically recommend  you to ask the advice of your doctor before trying a new diet because each person is a particular case. There is no rule, human being is not a machine !

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